E.S.L.Y.Hotel Privacy policy

Updated: April 14, 2018.

This privacy policy provides our policies for collect, using and disclosing your information using E.S.L.Y.Hotel. Users can access E.S.L.Y.Hotel ("App") through an application downloaded from eslyverano.com. The app allows users to control all areas of a hotel, hostel or similar establishments.

1. Information we collect

E.S.L.Y.Hotel collects system information from the user's machine. The data collected is:

  • Operating System Name and Version
  • Time zone
Users can also choose to share information related to the hotel or similar establishment where they run the app. The data collected is:
  • Hotel name
  • Email address
  • Time zone
Users can also provide feedback related to the app performance and future updates. The data collected is:
  • Email address
  • Comments
  • Time zone

2. How we use your information

System information: In the course of using E.S.L.Y.Hotel, the app uses system information to monitor and analyze the use of the app. This information improves technical reviews and allows us to increase the app functionality and user-friendliness.

Hotel information: The hotel data collected is used to identify the establishment and to notify users of important app updates.

Feedback information: Feedback information is used only to make technical reviews of the app. In some cases we might contact the user to discuss their feedback.

We will not sell, rent or transfer any of the information collected to third parties without your prior consent.

3. Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at hotel@eslyverano.com.